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Sorry, Due to the nature of digital products and how they are sent there are No Refunds on digital products.

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We use Paypal, and if your country supports Paypal, then yes.

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Important Info

Please Note: My elements, papers and templates are made with Pixlr or Gimp, so that anyone could use them, and can be used with any graphics software that supports JPEG and PNG files. Layers are in PXD format. 

I suggest downloading the free GIMP software, as this will open the files, OR If for any reason you have trouble opening any of these files, please go to this link Graphica Online Editor 

and upload the PXD file to the online editor. You may then save the image files as png files if need be.
More info..... 


This piece of online software is great when it comes to creating, manipluating, and editing photos and images. If has a format that is similar to Photoshop and allows for layer and layer styles. It also has several functions like filters and brushes, so one can manipulate images. Here is a list of Pro's for Pixlr 

Online Editing - 
No Huge Software Installation
Layer & Layer Styles
Filters & Brushes

File Formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, PXD (Native file format which saves layers & styles) Another great thing about this program is that if you create a free account, you can save your files and publish them on Facebook, Flickr, or Picasa. You can also save your craetions in their online library, which saves your hard drive from huge layered image files. 

Use our Online Pixlr Editor HERE and consider joining our Arts Society too! 

Sumo Paint 

Another grate online alternative to Photoshop is Sumo Paint. Just like Pixlr, Sumo Paint has an interface that resembles Photoshop. One of the add benefits is that they created a link for people to go full screen, so if you have a window open just for Sumo Paint, it will give a enviroment like standalone software. Here are a few of reasons to try Sumo Paint: 

Free online version
Free Account, with limited features
Layers & Layer Styles
Filters & Brushes

File Formats: JPG, PNG, SUMO (Native file format which saves layers and styles) Alternatively, you can pay for Sumo Paint for about $25 and have a standalone version that installs on your computer. This also gives you the ability to unlock more features that give you very similar features to Photoshop it self. 

Use our Online Sumo Editor HERE and consider joining our Fashion Art site 


This is king of Photoshop alternatives. Unlike the two previous Photoshop alternatives, Gimp is software that does not have an online version, but it is still free to use. It falls into the category of Open Source, so there is a wide community of people taht use it on systems like Linux, or just don't want to pay over $500 for a program. Want o know why Gimp is good alternative to Photoshop? 

Open Source/Free
Addons from Open Source Community that give more functionality
Ability to write your own scripts and create addons
Can create your own brushes & patterns
Has same fonts as your computer since it's installed on your computer
Can open PSD files, but may have some layer styling issues

File Formats: JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, GIMP (Native file format which saves layers & styles)

The great thing about this program is that there is a large community of users, so one can find online documentation relatively easy. Also, people have written books on GIMP that you can find at your local Barnes & Noble. 

Download Gimp HERE


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