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Here you will find a collection of my own works, everything from Freebies to Tutorials.

If you are an artist, or would just like to learn and have some fun, please visit and join my website for art.


I build websites, and create graphics in the form of media such as Website Design, Fashion Design, Scrapping, Photography and other forms of visual media.

Some of those projects and sites can be found in the menu of my personal website located at https://sojournstar.com

An ex entertainer, and industry professional, 
Sojournstar is where I attempt to slowly unravel the stories of my life from the 50's till now. The website is like a journal of my life's experiences and activities if you like. 

I currently and most recently have begun to work in the Tagging and Scrapbooking arena. If it's visual art, I can't help but love it!

Our Team

Angela Hobbs ~ Artist/Owner

Artist - Designer: Angela Hobbs aka Sojournstar, is an ex entertainer and performer, who traveled the road for many years, including shows in Japan, China and Europe.   Lived in Los Angeles for many years, and worked within the film, tv, and video business, among...