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01/15/2014 07:48

Who are Zazzle Stars?

They are the many artists, and creatives, who make beautiful, 
and one of a kind items you can purchase as gifts for your home, office and more!

On Zazzle they are referred to as Pro Sellers, but we feel they are more than just sellers.
Here they will be spotlighted as Feature Stars, and their hard work and artistic efforts will be rewarded by being promoted to the world and featured on this site.

In the coming weeks you will also be privey to information and tips on how to make the most out of your Zazzle Shops and more. If you want the whole experience, and you are a Zazzle Seller, consider joining us on the inside, to access all the cool site features and tools, and get in on the member discussions, freebies and more!

Zazzle Stars/

UPDATE: Website has been opened to support all store and shop platforms. Come add and promote yours!